WHAT TO COOK FIRST | Butter Pat Industries


Congratulations on your new Butter Pat! We know the excitement that comes with breaking in a new skillet and the cooking that comes with it.

We suggest that your first use should be cornbread – but that’s just us. Initially baking with your skillet will help "seal" its surface with seasoning more evenly than a stovetop. These recipes are the ones we find to be particularly delightful while also whipping a skillet in shape. 


Sean Brock's Basic Cornbread

This cornbread may look like a feat for any home cook, but the simple ingredients are bolstered by letting your skillet and oven do all the work. A famed "no-fuss" recipes that we recommend for all new Butter Pat owners. 


Roasted Chicken  

Anyone who’s ever cooked one will agree—there is nothing that makes your home smell better than a roasted chicken. Hella easy, feeds many, pleases all, and, if you’re feeling ambitious, gives you a good excuse to make your own stock. 


Banana Bread  

If there was ever a reason to keep those jet-black bananas around, banana bread sure as hell would be it. One of the best "everybody in the pool" recipes for breakfast, dessert, a mid-hike snack, or for just about anything else. 


Roasted Vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots, Onions) 

Whether you know it or not, your skillet is a workhorse and will do amazing things without much input from the cook. Turn up the heat to 425º and toss some carrots, potatoes, onions, or a mix of vegetables in a little olive oil and dump them in your pan. Roast until golden brown. 


Dinner Rolls

A pan of piping-hot dinner rolls will you make you a welcome guest in any kitchen. This recipe is perfect for a simple weeknight dinner, holidays, and much more. A family-favorite, to say the least.