Ben Getz is the Butter Pat staff baker (okay he does a lot of other stuff for us too), and he comes by it naturally with parents who both work for Wolfgang Puck; his mother as a pastry chef. You see his bread and cinnamon buns regularly in our Butter Pat Facebook Cooking & Recipes Group

Friday nights Ben makes “real” pizza for his family and on February 19th he’s going to show you how. Sign up here: CAST IRON PIZZA CLASS

But first, like in high school, we understand that sometimes pizza is just dinner: FAST!  

For that you need SPLAT.

I don’t even remember where I got this recipe - The Splendid Table? - I do remember hearing you can make it almost as fast as learning the recipe. It’s the anti-Ben version. Though not as bad as delivery, it is certainly not pretty.

SPLAT in six lines...

  1. Get deli counter dough at the grocery store
  2. Pre-heat your oven, cast iron skillet inside, maximum temperature
  3. Pre-cook your ingredients - whatever, but not too much - and, make your dough sorta round-ish
  4. When ingredients are pre-cooked, and with your dough ready, cheese and sauce at-hand, turn your largest stove eye on high and place your hot cast iron pan over the eye: full blast.

Get ready, the next steps are the Fast and Furious

  1. Splat, dough goes in the pan and gets covered with ingredients: work fast
  2. Back in the oven for a few minutes to finish.

You get the thin-crust char with this method.  Be careful though: you’ll get the char if you aren’t careful handling the blazing hot pan. 


January 27, 2021 — Dennis Powell