10" Domed Glass Lid

10" Domed Glass Lid

10" Domed Glass Lid


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10" Borosilicate Domed Glass Lid - Pre-sale Price: $65 (MSRP: $85) - Shipping in January 2020

Pressed, oven-safe, glass lids were once as common as cast iron.  Our grandparents all had them.  But like cast iron, this technology has been replaced by cheaper and inferior products.  Some glass lids currently available will not withstand high oven temperatures.  Borosilicate will. 

Borosilicate glass is oven glass—thick, durable, and safe for use at baking temperatures, often sold as PYREX in the past.

The 10” Borosilicate Domed Glass Lid fits your 10" Heather Skillet and the new Homer Pot (coming soon).

This could be the only run of this kitchen classic.  Produced in conjunction with one of the last American factories making oven-safe borosilicate glass. 

Height: 2"
Diameter: 10"
Weight: 3.0 lbs


This is a pre-order.  Production is scheduled for early December.  We expect to ship the lids in early January.
In today's retail environment where an online order can show up at your doorstep in 24 hours, we understand we are out of step, but we also make something that will last several generations. We hope you agree it is worth the wait.

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