Sean Brock x Butter Pat

Sean Brock x Butter Pat

Sean Brock x Butter Pat


We’re Southerners, so when customers ask, “What should I cook first in my Butter Pat skillet?” our answer is always cornbread.

For that, we are pretty excited to offer you a special bundle: Our 10” Heather skillet and a hot-off-the-press autographed copy of Sean Brock’s new cookbook: South: Essential Recipes and New Explorations -- all packaged together with just the right amount of Jimmy Red cornbread mix to make your own first batch.

  • South: Essential Recipes and New Explorations
  • H.S. Brock’s Jimmy Red Cornbread Mix
  • Butter Pat 10” diameter Heather cast iron skillet
  • Plus, one of our limited-edition prints

About The Bundle

SOUTH: essential recipes and new explorations

Sean’s focus on Southern micro-regions opens a new window on the delicious variety of its many culinary traditions.  Recipes from Appalachia, the Piedmont, and the coastal Lowcountry; ingredients and dishes in all their rich diversity seen through Sean’s eyes.  He doesn’t dumb down the recipes either- though the ones we’ve tried have not been difficult - he leaves it all there: complexity intact. 

Time magazine has called Sean “the most conspicuously gifted chef of his generation”.

SOUTH is a follow-up to the James Beard award winning bestseller Heritage.

H.S. Brock’s Jimmy Red Cornbread Mix

Sean is dedicated to saving the unique flavors of distinctly Southern food crops.  Seed saving was something his grandmother Audrey did as a necessity, but today it’s a race to preserve these rare crops like Jimmy Red corn before their flavors are homogenized out of existence and completely off our tables. 

This is what Sean said about the Jimmy Red corn meal: “Jimmy Red harvest time was a celebration and I couldn’t get the meal into a cornbread batter fast enough.  Tearing into my first piece of cornbread the aroma and flavor took me right back to my grandmother’s table. Ever since that day I’ve dreamed of getting Jimmy Red cornbread to the masses.” 

Sean and Greg Johnsman at Geechie Boy Mill on Edisto Island have teamed up to get this heirloom purple red dent corn into production and into a mix.

This year’s supply of H.S. Brock’s Jimmy Red Cornbread Mix sold out in less than 24 hours, but Sean was kind enough to squirrel some away for this special package, along with his new cookbook.

Catch Sean’s episode of The Chef’s Table on NETFLIX

Credit Netflix, 2019

Sean Brock’s Jimmy Red Cornbread Recipe - Found Here

We are also including a print made for Butter Pat by Nashville-raised artist Shelby Rodeffer. The picture was taken in Shelby’s studio at Finer Signs, her sign company in Chicago.

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