The LIMITED RELEASE glass lid we made last year for the Heather and Homer was a huge hit; oven-safe, easy to clean and, incorporating our chef-designed steam venting rim.  Those coveted lids were made with the last US factory casting consumer borosilicate glass. We thought those would be the last of a kind.

Now, after six months of cajoling, a venerable 100-year-old US company, that specializes in technical glass, will press this special glass for us again.

After hearing from so many of you, we are excited to offer a new Joan 12" glass lid.

12” Borosilicate (Joan) Glass Lid:
MSRP $125.00
Delivery In Early 2021


For those of you with a Heather or Homer, you may want to snatch up the sale priced 10” glass lid before the 2021 price increase.

10” borosilicate (Heather/Homer) glass lid: MSRP $85.00
SALE PRICED: $65.00 
In stock for immediate delivery