Once a ubiquitous piece of American cookware, flat-bottomed pots were found in kitchens from Boston to Savannah and on the chuck-wagons of the West. They were adaptations to the flat cooking surfaces of wood and coal stoves and like their skillet cousins they followed us indoors, out of the hearth fires and onto the stove-top. 

Homer, like our award-winning skillets and those pots of the past, is smooth inside and out which makes it much less likely to scratch your glass/ceramic cook-top, induction surface or stone counter.

The shape of the Homer is specifically designed to facilitate heat distribution and to help maintain even cooking temperatures; especially important when baking and frying. 

Our 10" Heather skillet may be used as a lid on the Homer to create a live-fire roaster and oven baker.  Combined with the new 10" domed oven-safe glass lid, the Heather and Homer make for a multi-tasking kitchen classic. 

Can be used on all cooking elements including induction, electric and live-fire. 


Thinner and lighter than other cast iron, now or in the past, Butter Pat pans have a uniquely smooth finish on all surfaces that allows food to lift easily when cooking or cleaning. Made in the USA with a 100 year warranty. 


4.5 Quart Flat-Bottomed Pot – $430

10" Glass Domed Lid – $85 $65