For the tough jobs you need a tough tool.

Anyone who says cast iron is totally non-stick is lying to you. If used for a broad range of cooking; roasting, braising, sautéing, frying, etc., something will stick. 

Our stainless Ring Rag scrubbers are the way to tackle these tougher clean-ups. 

Exclusively for our Standard Edition readers we are offering a 25% discount on the Butter Pat stainless steel Ring Rag.

Early bird discounted price – in stock
$ 18.75 (MSRP $ 25.00)

Don’t be stubborn. You paid a lot of money for us to make your pan smooth.

Keep your Butter Pat clean.


We tried a dozen chain mail scrubbers on Butter Pat skillets and, as usual, we weren’t happy with what was available.  Many were too flimsy or the size was too small.  And most didn’t use enough metal…that made them cheaper, but as we all know, cheaper isn’t always better.

So we went to the experts on weaving steel into chain mail and, with them, we designed a new scrubber with 30% more 316L food-grade stainless steel rings.

More rings means more surface contact. More surface contacts means that clinging food easily breaks away from the smooth surface of your Butter Pat. 

Early bird discounted price
For our newsletter readers only - in stock
316L Stainless Steel
7" Diameter 

$ 18.75 (MSRP $ 25.00)