By the definition of perfect, try as we might, Butter Pat pans are far from it.  They are cast by hand and casting artifacts are always present.  Negatives and imperfections are evidence that our pans were made by people and not by machines.

Butter Pat pans are, however, extremely smooth on all surfaces – that is the performance feature that distinguishes them from all other cast iron cookware - but they are not “perfectly flat” or “perfectly smooth”. 

Every Butter Pat pan is inspected three times during our production process and each time graded into one of three categories.:

  1. FATAL – scrapped. The pan has irregularities that will prevent intended use:
Unfilled molds
Large negatives - more than 6 mm - on the cooking surface
Large scabs on the cooking surface 
  1. BLEM – Restaurant Use. The pan has blemishes that would prevent full price sale but that would NOT affect cooking performance. These Restaurant Use pans could have the following blemishes:
  • More than the accepted number of negatives in the cooking surface
  • Evidence of deep grinding on the cooking surface
  • Areas of surface roughness on cooking surface
  • Out of our flatness spec - more than 1/8” over 12”
  1. SELL – first quality. The pan meets our specification for acceptable negatives, flatness and surface.
RESTAURANT USE pans are sold at a substantial discount, on an as-is basis. 
They are a FINAL SALE
These pans are not eligible for our warranty.