By the definition of perfect, try as we might, Butter Pat pans are far from it. They are cast by hand, and casting artifacts are always present. Imperfections are evidence that our pans were made by people and not by machines.

Every Butter Pat pan is inspected three times during our production process and each time graded into one of three categories:

  1. INVENTORY - a.k.a. first-rate quality. These pans meet our rigorous standards and specifications for an acceptable surface.
  2. SECOND BEST - a.k.a. factory seconds or restaurant grade. These pans have blemishes that would prevent full-price sale but that would not affect cooking performance. They may have multiple “negatives” that will fill in with cooking use, spots of roughness, or a surface that is beyond our high standard of flatness. Our chef friends love them.
  3. FISH CAMP - These pans are definitely not perfect. They are a step below our Second Best cookware. Meaning they will have surface marks or not be flat. But they will still do a perfectly fine job frying your fish at camp this summer.
  4. FATAL - a.k.a. scrapped! These pans have irregularities that will prevent cooking use, such as cracks, holes, or large blemishes on the cooking surface, meaning we do not sell them. They are better served as paper weights, door jams, and boat anchors.

Fish Camp and Second Best pans are sold as-is. They are final sale and non-refundable. They are not eligible for warranty.