1.5 and 4 Quart
Flat-Bottomed Braisers

Let’s call it a dynamic duo. With a purchase of the Joe, get the Eric for only $38.25—yes, thirty eight bucks and change. With double tabs, high walls, and no handles, these small and large braisers are two of our most versatile pieces of cookware, both doubling as deep fryers, rondeaus, roasters, as well as serving vessels. Use them in the oven, on the stove or grill, with induction, and, carefully, over a live fire. Made in the USA and exceptionally smooth, this pan provides even heat distribution and a consistent cooking experience.

Width: 9"
Length: 9.875"
Diameter: 8"
Cooking Surface: 6"
Height: 2.25"
Capacity: 1.25 qts
Weight: 3.35 lbs
Pre-Seasoned, Ready for Use

*The Estee skillet is not sized as a cover for the Eric.

Width: 13”
Diameter: 12”
Cooking Surface: 10”
Height: 2.625”
Capacity: 4.0 qts
Weight: 6.95 lbs
Pre-Seasoned, Ready for Use

*The Joan skillet is not sized as a cover for the Joe.

$463.25 $650.00



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