GLASS LID - 10" - Restaurant Use

GLASS LID - 10" - Restaurant Use

GLASS LID - 10" - Restaurant Use


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10" Borosilicate Domed Glass Lid

Pressed, oven-safe, glass lids were once as common as cast iron.  Our grandparents all had them.  But like cast iron, this technology has been replaced by cheaper and inferior products.  Some glass lids currently available will not withstand high oven temperatures.  Borosilicate will. 

Borosilicate glass is oven glass—thick, durable, and safe for use at baking temperatures, often sold as PYREX in the past.

The 10” Borosilicate Domed Glass Lid fits your 10" Heather Skillet and the new Homer Pot (coming soon).

This could be the only run of this kitchen classic.  Produced in conjunction with one of the last American factories making oven-safe borosilicate glass. 

Height: 2"
Diameter: 10"
Weight: 3.0 lbs


This lid is graded for RESTAURANT USE. It will have obvious blemishes, but these irregularities will not affect the cooking performance of the pan. Blemishes may be negatives in the cooking surface, evidence of grinding, out of flat spec (>1/8" over 1'0") or other cosmetic irregularities.  

They are intended for restaurant use.  They are sold as-is, are non-refundable and are a final sale.  They are not eligible for our warranty.

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