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14" Polished Cast Iron Skillet

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A "PRE-ORDER" puts you in a first-order-in/first-order-out queue. There are only so many pans we can make, and often not enough to meet demand. Generally, pre-orders ship within six weeks, but depending on the number of orders ahead of yours, and current scrap rates, this cannot be guaranteed. 

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14" LILI

The Lili is big, really big. With a 12” cooking surface it is more griddle than a skillet, allowing multiple items to be cooked at once and all to stay warm. Also perfect for oven roasting vegetables, a whole spatchcock chicken or family size pizza. 

Width: 15"
Length: 20"
Height: 2.25"
Diameter: 14"
Cooking Surface: 12"
Weight: 9.8 lbs


SLOW STEPS We typically deliver our pans in two weeks; often sooner and sometimes later. If you need your cast iron more quickly we might not be the best fit.  41 people perform sixty or more operations; slow and necessary steps for our uniquely smooth finish. In today's retail environment where an online order can show up at your doorstep in 24 hours, we understand we are out of step, but we also make something that will last several generations. We hope you agree it is worth waiting for.

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Butter Pat Industries 100-Year Warranty

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Augustus F.
United States United States
Perfect for me

I use it on the Kamado grill for bacon and poppers and on the stove for any big meal. Met my needs completely

Eric E.
A new, old friend

Butterpat's Lili was my first foray into cast iron cookware, brought on by the desire to stop buying a new set of non-stick frying pans every 18 months when they lose their ability to release food. I was looking for a made-in-the-US craftsman level product that could evolve into a companion in the kitchen. I wanted the biggest cooking surface that could fit onto a single burner. To be honest, the price was a factor of hesitation. This is baller-level kit. And I knew it would take a while to be made and arrive based on the description on the Butterpat site, but then Covid hit and it took a really, really long time to come. And, yeah, it came and I can tell you that this massive thing has changed every meal since. It lives on my range full time. Every meal I make with it, this thing gets better and better. I've been inspired to spend hours researching cooking techniques on youtube because this pan opens up that opportunity to level-up my cooking. And it's almost a spiritual experience at the end of each day to look down into the shining, organic surface of Lili and see how we are changing, maturing, and improving together. What I do - Range: Gas Tools: Metal spatula from New West Knifeworks Cleaning: Drop of Dawn, scrub lightly with a chainmail scrubber thing, rinse, place on med-lo burner to heat and dry Daily season: Flax seed oil while still hot, rub in with rag, remove as much oil as you can. This is a beautiful pan. It gets better as you do. Highly recommended.

Truly Stellar!!!

I just received my Butter Pat Lili skillet and I couldn’t be more pleased! I broke her in with Mexican night which for our family requires 2 packs of chicken thighs cooked unfurled. Lili’s extra large cooking surface handled it beautifully and retained its even heat after loading it full of cool raw chicken. Did the chicken stick to the bottom? Not a chance, every piece broke loose without a fuss and this is the first use! This is what your paying for when you choose Butter Pat, the only American ironware company that produces a full line of skillets hand made without machinery. A cast smooth surface, not milled smooth will release food like a champ! Simply put, you get what you pay for. Thank you Dennis

Todd F.
None better

I purchased every custom cast iron skillet currently available as a test (I won't mention the names, you can figure that out for yourself). The only ones left in my kitchen is my Butter Pats, and they are here to stay. What a great piece of cookware.

Best yet

I have a half dozen or so new and vintage cast iron skillets and did not think any could live up to the price of this skillet. But I bought it as a gift and after a year of the recipient (my wife) ignoring it, I tried it one day. Definitely the best large cast iron skillet I have used ... fine finish and for the size, light. Its still practically a ****** and I look forward to using it after a few years of seasoning.