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Since the 2024 acquisition of Butter Pat Industries by YETI Coolers our products are no longer available.  Please sign up at Insider Perks YETI for news of what’s to come.

What is cast iron?

Cast iron or grey iron is a brittle iron-carbon ferrous metal with a graphitic flake microstructure.  It’s the stuff the cookware is made of and has been for thousands of years. 

Cast iron is brittle, hard, and heavy. Without a coating, or “seasoning” it is prone to rusting.

What is cast iron cookware?

Cast iron is durable versatile fire-to-kitchen cookware that holds high temperatures for
longer than other cookware materials, and with properly maintained seasoning,
has non-stick surface properties. 

Heat retention is the principal functional quality of cast iron cookware.  Cast iron stores more heat than other cookware materials.  That stored energy, and slow heat transfer, allows meats to sear at their surface and not cook beyond the surface. It's thermal mass helps maintain an even temperature in frying oils.

Cast iron cookware can withstand the high temperatures of a live fire or pizza oven. It can be used on a gas or electric range and goes directly from stove-top to
oven, fire-to-kitchen.

Cast iron cookware is so durable that it can be used continuously for many

What is better about a Butter Pat?

Compared to other cookware metals, cast iron is a poor conductor of heat. Cast iron cookware holds heat in the metal and transfers it slowly to what is being cooked. If the cast iron cooking surface is not sufficiently thick it is prone to hot spots if it heats unevenly.  Butter Pat cast iron cookware has a thicker bottom heat plate than other manufacturers and our pans heat more evenly because of it.  Our radical geometry makes our pans lighter where they can be and thicker where they should be.

Butter Pat cast iron has a smoother finish on ALL surfaces for easier cooking and cleanup. They come out of our molds as smooth as they come to you.  We don’t mill or grind our surfaces which can
create uneven thickness.

Take a look at this video illustration:

take our word for it. Read our press:

How can I purchase your products?

Butter Pat products are no longer available since the winter 2024 acquisition of Butter Pat by YETI Coolers.

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What do I do if I believe that my Butter Pat product has a manufacturing defect?

If you believe your Butter Pat has a manufacturing defect, please contact us at

There is much more in the Butter Pat Standard Edition, our monthly newsletter on the most interesting people, places and sometimes pointless things related to cast iron.


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