Introducing the Butter Pat collection


Braise, Sear, Fry, Bake, Sauté + Grill

Our cast-iron cookware is lightweight, uniquely smooth, and easy to clean. Naturally non-stick and hand-cast in the USA in limited quantities, Butter Pat pans are thin where they can be and thick where they should be. Out of a fire, into an oven, or onto an induction cooktop, skillets have not been this smooth in 100 years.

Polished Smooth on All Surfaces

We polish all surfaces, making our cookware easier to clean, less likely to scratch your counters and cook tops, and always a pleasure to handle.

Hand-Cast Thin + Smooth

We cast our cookware with thin walls for lighter weight. We do not mill or grind our surfaces, which can impact seasoning and is environmentally wasteful.

Designed for the Shape of Your Hands

We designed our handles to conform to the natural angle of your arm, placing less stress on the wrist, with a large front tab encouraging the use of two hands.

A Full Family of Cookware

Across our cast-iron skillets, braisers, and pots, we offer a variety of sizes that work on gas, electric, induction, and live fire.

• 100% Sourced + Hand-Cast in USA •
• No PFOA or PTFE Coatings •
• Limited Quantities •
•100-Year Guarantee •