The cast-iron skillet with the highest ranking from Consumer Reports and their only RECOMMENDED rating.

“...for the few who yearn for the heyday of cast iron, who prefer handcrafted American ingenuity over mass production...”

“Where to start? Butter Pat’s skillets were the smoothest and most non-stick out of the box of any we tried. Beyond making flip-easy fried eggs (or flip-easy anything, for that matter), the surface makes cleaning that much easier, as everything cooked in it was a towel wipe away from clean...”


“You know how they say, ‘they don't make them like they used to anymore’? Well, in the case of Butter Pat Industries’ cast iron, maybe they do.”

“Butter Pat Industries honors the ways of the past while looking toward the future.”

“The crème de la crème of cast iron!”

“This heirloom skillet will stand the test of time.”

“Pick up a Butter Pat skillet, and you’d be hard-pressed to believe it was actually made of cast iron. It’s deceptively light.”

“It has a silky-smooth finish on the bottom and sides and is exceptionally light.”

“For every complaint about cast iron pans, Butter Pat has an answer.”

“The glassy, highly polished surface releases food like a dream, no seasoning needed.”

“Butter Pat are metallurgical marvels. They’re thinner and smoother than most others but are no kitchen lightweights; they’ve earned raves from chefs like Sean Brock and David Guas.”

“Mirrors the thin, smooth pans of cast iron’s heyday.”

"The skillets from Butter Pat Industries are, to my eye, the handsomest of this new generation of cast iron skillets, and they've done an interesting thing by managing to successfully cast a skillet with thinner walls while allocating more of the mass to the base, where the cooking really happens."