In 2013, we had a question: Why was the cast-iron cookware that was currently available so cumbersome and crude?

Butter Pat Industries found an answer in innovation, casting our products with the same refined smoothness that we so admired in the old vintage Griswolds, Favorites, and Wagners, and the one our grandmothers kept on their kitchen stoves.

We stayed small and focused on details, launching an uncompromising mission to create exceptional cast iron for today’s chef. And you came along on the journey with us, discovering how easy it could be to use and care for our pans —in your homes, at your restaurants, or out in the wild.

The folks behind YETI have been trusted advisors to the Butter Pat team since we met in 2017. They, like us, built first for function. Style was a perk. Their advice back then? Make a product that keeps its promise. Make the best, and the rest will follow.

Our relationship with YETI grew and this summer, Butter Pat started making a YETI-branded version of our Joan skillet. Today, I’m excited to announce our official acquisition by YETI - not just selling the product but expanding our vision and scaling our products to reach new customers, new audiences, and new cooks. I will focus exclusively on working with YETI, and we have new designs in the hopper that we can’t wait to show you.

If you have any questions about theacquisition, please use the link below or reach out to the people at YETI directly here.

Keep those borosilicate lids for keepsakes, y’all. But we’re glad you came with us and stick around because there’s more to come on the ride ahead.

Dennis T. Powell