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14" Polished Cast Iron Skillet 

The Lili is big, really big. With a 12” cooking surface it is more griddle than a skillet, allowing multiple items to be cooked at once and all to stay warm. Also perfect for oven roasting vegetables, a whole spatchcock chicken or family size pizza. 

Width: 15"
Length: 20"
Height: 2.25"
Diameter: 14"
Cooking Surface: 12"
Weight: 9.8 lbs


SLOW STEPS We typically deliver our pans in two weeks; often sooner and sometimes later. If you need your cast iron more quickly we might not be the best fit. Each Butter Pat pan is made to order in our proprietary casting process. 41 people perform sixty or more operations; slow and necessary steps for our uniquely smooth finish. In today's retail environment where an online order can show up at your doorstep in 24 hours, we understand we are out of step, but we also make something that will last several generations. We hope you agree it is worth waiting for.

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Butter Pat Industries 100-Year Warranty

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