Over the past 18 months we have tried our best to communicate the limits of our production capacity.  
We can’t make more cast iron, FASTER. We can’t ramp up, scale-up, or push harder, and keep up the quality we demand.  Butter Pats are hand-cast smooth and in very limited quantities. There are only so many we can make, and at 21 days of process per pan it is all a very slow process.
We understand that we are out of step with today’s on-demand culture, but when you are making a product that will last for generations you have a different perspective. 
In early 2020 we started a Pre-Order program; you’ve seen it on the website.  If we are sold out of an item you can make a Pre-Order purchase that puts you in the queue to receive your item on a first-ordered/first-delivered  basis. 
Occasionally we do have stock - currently the 10” Heather and the 8” Estee are both in stock but disappearing quickly - but if you are waiting for a Lili or Homer to come into stock in order to purchase, you may wait a long time.  Neither the Lili or Homer have been in stock during 2020 and we doubt we will have in-stock inventory on these items in 2021. 
That doesn’t mean you will wait forever to receive a Joan or Lili - well okay, the Homers are a long wait. Most Pre-Orders are delivered within six weeks. 
As always, we thank you for your patience and support. 



Some of you might have noticed a change in our packaging. Up until recently we shipped with single-use foam around our pans. Super secure but the material took up too much space in the warehouse and worse, it was not recyclable. 

Working with our packaging designers we are now using a unique corrogated “lock” which holds the skillet handle in place. The lock, a new corrogated insert, and paper tape completely replace all plastics and non-recyclable packaging in our shipments. 

Also, you might have noticed our boxes are unbranded on the outside. We choose not to alert potential porch thieves of the valuable contents. 

Speaking of porch thieves, many of us, myself included until recently, do not realize that once a package is shipped the vendor no longer has control or ownership of the package. As of September we are offering Route, a tracking and shipping insurance service. If you choose this service your order will be fully insured and will allow you a greater level of package tracking. 

Just a few new tricks.