Below are a few of Tandy's encouragements

  • "Dough is not that difficult — Make it a day ahead and let it rest in the fridge overnight. Makes it much easier to work with".
  • "It’s foreign to people, that’s why it seems hard". 
  • "Just do it. Find a good recipe, follow along, get your hands on it and get a feel for it".
  • "Let the dough do its work — don’t over-pull or overstretch. If it stops going to the edge, just walk away for a few minutes and then come back. Take your time. And by golly be gentle!"  
  • "Turn on your oven well in advance and let it get up to temp for much longer than you think you need to. For 500 degrees let it get up to temp for at least a half hour."
  • "Use a scale and weigh your ingredients, helps when trying to understand hydration — measure all of your ingredients with a scale."
  • "King Arthur All Purpose flour is good enough."

About Chef Tandy Wilson 

After nine times as a semifinalist and finalist four years in a row, Chef Tandy Wilson won the James Beard Best Chef Southeast award.  From what we’ve seen it never went to his head.  

You’ll still find him in Nashville at City House with the pizza peel in front of the wood-fired oven.


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May 19, 2018 — Dennis Powell