If there is one piece of advice that we could give you, dear reader, about caring for your cast iron, it would be plain and simple: clean it. And the second? Store it properly. After all, we’ve made you a skillet that will last a hundred years or more, but it’s your job to keep it that way, and that last step is an vital part of the process.

So here’s our tried-and-true, every-day, easy-as-pie maintenance routine. Wash your pan—using water, and soap! Then put it on your stovetop over low-to-medium heat for a minute or two, until all sides are completely dry. And lastly, once it’s cooled, apply a thin layer of our cast-iron conditioner to the cooking surface with a paper towel or dish rag, wiping away any excess. 

Like oiling your cutting board, or shining your leather boots, or splurging for a wax on your vehicle, this adds a protective barrier to help prevent any potential rust, while also giving a little boost to your next layer of seasoning. 

From there, set it on the stove or in a drawer or in the oven or wherever you keep the dang thing. 

Now you’re good to go for breakfast tomorrow.

July 17, 2023 — Dennis Powell