There’s one piece of use-and-care advice we give to all of our customers: clean your damn pans.  The internet offers a lot of useless advice on how exactly to go about this, but we lean toward common sense. 

For starters, we use soap—that’s right, soap. Any kind of soap, really. (And yes, we know your great-grandmother never used the stuff, and that’s probably because back in those days, it was made with lye, which was caustic, and could strip seasoning off cast iron, unlike the gentler kinds we use today.) And should you need to, scrub away! With a sponge, scraper, brush, or one of our handy-dandy stainless-steel accessories
After cleaning, heat your pan over the stove to evaporate all moisture, which causes rust. Forget paper towels and dish cloths, which just don’t cut it. Then, after drying, lightly coat all surfaces with a refined cooking oil, like canola, wiping away any excess. This protects the pan’s surface and yields better seasoning.
It’s really just that simple. 
Then get cooking again.


October 28, 2023 — Dennis Powell