2 3/4" Polished Cast Iron Skillet

The 2” cooking surface of the Aunt Alma makes it practically useless for cooking anything. However, quail eggs aside, it’s a handy place for keys, rings, and coins for every cook.

Please keep in mind that the Aunt Alma is a toy size skillet. The Alma is made with the same cast iron recipe as are our skillets but the Alma is not graded as cookware.  You should expect a slightly rougher surface.

Width: 3.00"
Length: 5.00"
Height: 0.50"
Diameter: 2.50"
Cooking Surface: 2.25"
Weight: 4.2 oz


SLOW STEPS We typically deliver our pans in two weeks; often sooner and sometimes later. If you need your cast iron more quickly we might not be the best fit.  41 people perform sixty or more operations; slow and necessary steps for our uniquely smooth finish. In today's retail environment where an online order can show up at your doorstep in 24 hours, we understand we are out of step, but we also make something that will last several generations. We hope you agree it is worth waiting for.

Your credit card will be charged at the time of your order.

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Michael M.
United States United States
Small, cute and AWESOME

I bought these on a whim b/c they looked like they could be fun and they are. I look forward to the day I can buy a larger Joan model but for the time being I will have fun with these. I have had a blast actually using these, fried quail egg, done. Mini cookies, done. Small pizza, done. They are a blast and also great for serving apps.

John K.
United States United States
bought to use as a spoon rest!

Makes a great spoon rest!

Quality from smallest to largest!

Little Alma can be left up to the imagination of it’s owner as to what she can be used for! It is a great way to show your friends and family what butter Pat skillets look like without hauling out a full sized pan. She’s great for holding rings while scratch cooking in the kitchen, a Christmas tree ornament or as a stocking stuffer! Whatever the use you find for her, she’s a great representation of a great line of cookware! Thank you Butter Pat for your excellence in fine ironware!

Jo A.
A Great Idea for a Sampler

This little skillet is ideal as a sample to promote the surface quality of the standard-sized Butter Pat skillets. Plus, it would make a good Christmas tree ornament. Thank you for putting it on sale, and keeping the price there!

Marian G.
Darling little pan!

Adorable and perfect for tiny desserts! Portion control that just makes sense. If you have little kids or grandkids these make just the right size foods to make children smile. I want one hanging from my rear-view mirror in my Mini Cooper. I want one hanging as an ornament on my Christmas tree!