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10" Polished Cast Iron Skillet 

Items that are "IN STOCK" generally ship within five to seven days of your order.

A "PRE-ORDER" puts you in a first-order-in/first-order-out queue. There are only so many pans we can make, and often not enough to meet demand. Generally, pre-orders ship within six weeks, but depending on the number of orders ahead of yours, and current scrap rates, this cannot be guaranteed. 

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The Heather, with an 8” cooking surface, is sized to the larger stove eyes for high temp searing, or when your stove-top real estate is at a premium.

Width: 11"
Length: 15.63"
Height: 1.875"
Diameter: 10"
Cooking Surface: 8"
Weight: 4.8 lbs


SLOW STEPS We typically deliver our pans in two weeks; often sooner and sometimes later. If you need your cast iron more quickly we might not be the best fit.  41 people perform sixty or more operations; slow and necessary steps for our uniquely smooth finish. In today's retail environment where an online order can show up at your doorstep in 24 hours, we understand we are out of step, but we also make something that will last several generations. We hope you agree it is worth waiting for.

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Butter Pat Industries 100-Year Warranty

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George G.
United States
Best Skillet being made today

My family used to make Griswold skillets, so I kind of have it in my blood. When I saw these skillets, I had to try one for myself and I was not disappointed! The bottoms are actually thicker than the vintage skillets, so heat dispersion is better. The smooth surface is really great. As an Heirloom piece, these would make great wedding presents!

Ronald H.
United States United States
A fine tuned instrument

I've been very impressed, the cooking surface is so finely done it seems that I'm cooking on Teflon without the chemical concerns. Engineering well done! RH

Rachel M.
United States United States
my favorite cast iron skillet

I'm really new to cast iron and still coming into my own in terms of cooking in general. In that fairly short span of time, however, I have tried several different skillets - the first was a Lodge Blacklock which I have very mixed feelings about (the handle being the biggest con), I tried the Victoria and didn't care for the seasoning/ rough surface, I tried a Lodge grill pan and didn't care for it for similar reasons. After that I really wanted to try one of the higher end cast iron brands (I don't have the resources to find and restore an old vintage pan at the moment or to try sanding down a Lodge) - after a lot of research, I went with the Butter Pat. I'm very impatient so it wasn't easy for me to wait for it but I've been in love with it ever since I got my hands on it. The cooking surface is so smooth and ever since my third ever use of this skillet in which I deep fried some chicken tenders, it has been perfectly non-stick. When I use this skillet, all I have to do is run some water in it and anything still on the surface comes right off - no scraper required. Sometimes I use a long handled scrubber with a smooth surface to help get anything still in the pan out but there's never an issue with anything becoming stuck. I've also tried Smithey and Field skillets now and neither of them work quite as well for me as my Butter Pat. I also find the weight of this skillet to be just right. The bottom is thick, which I have come to prefer in my skillets, but the side walls are thin making it as light as it can be without sacrificing the heat retention capability. Honestly, my only complaint with Butter Pat is that I wish they'd come out with a leather handle cover like Field or Smithey offers. I have a cloth Lodge handle cover that I use with my Heather but I really love those nice, fitted leather handle covers. Nudge nudge, hint hint, Butter Pat!

Gary P.
United States United States
Beautiful skillet!

This skillet is beautiful! It is light weight also! I have cooked in it twice and while it's not seasoned enough yet to be nonstick, it is waaaay better than a regular cast iron skillet starting out.

Jaxson S.
United States United States
My favorite kitchen tools

I have both a Heather and Joan and have been absolutely thrilled with the quality and experience of using both skillets. My Joan is about 8 months old now and developing a beautiful patina all over with some natural pockets of imperfection that I’m watching fill in. It’s fun watching the pan take on more and more character over time. Both skillets do have an ever so slight rock to them that I think is a trade off of hand polishing the bottom, but these are top notch pieces of cookware. I love the process of cooking with, cleaning, and seasoning my skillets and it’s satisfying to have a Butter Pat be the pan that I share that process with. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time using cast iron, treat yourself to a Butter Pat. They’re awesome, and I’ll be proud to pass them on someday.