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12" Polished Cast Iron Skillet 

The 10” cooking surface of the Joan is sized for the most common cast iron baking and frying recipes with enough surface to give you that coveted cast iron crust. It’s the frying workhorse.  T he Joan pairs with our oven-safe pressed 12" J Glass Lid.

Width: 13"
Length: 18"
Height: 1.875"
Diameter: 12"
Cooking Surface: 10"
Weight: 6.9 lbs




IN STOCK" items generally ship within seven days of your order. A "PRE-ORDER" puts you in a first-order-in/first-order-out queue. Generally, pre-orders ship within six weeks, but depending on the number of orders ahead of yours, and current scrap rates, this cannot be guaranteed. 

If you need your cast iron quickly we might not be the best fit. 41 people perform sixty or more operations over 21 days to produce a pan; slow and necessary steps for our uniquely smooth finish. In today's retail environment where an online order can show up at your doorstep in 24 hours, we understand we are out of step, but we also make something that will last several generations. We hope you agree it is worth waiting for.

Your credit card will be charged at the time of your order.

Please read our Orders, Shipping, Returns, and Warranty page for more information. 

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A Truly Great Product

Butter Pat has stuck with a business model that works. Build quality above all. Absolutely a piece of art. Thank you for for not rushing a product out the door. Sean

Bryant F.
United States United States
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Great pan

Overall, the pan is fantastic. Heat distribution is among the best, it takes seasoning well, and it has all of the features I was looking for. The spouts work well, the helper handle is useful, and I haven't had any issues with sticking. One reason I chose Butter Pat is because I plan on using an induction burner (we are moving and may need to stay in a hotel for several months, so we wanted to save some money by cooking our own food) and wanted to avoid scratches to the surface. No other pan offers smoothness all-around. The handle is uncomfortable to hold with a bare hand due to the hollowness on the bottom, and it could be exceedingly uncomfortable if the pan has food in it. However, if the pan has food in it, then you are most likely using a barrier between your hand and the handle, and the design of the handle works perfectly with silicone handle covers or hot pads. The open bottom provides a secure grip while using them, which is a safety feature that I appreciate. Butter Pat's customer service is top notch as well. You won't regret buying this.

United States United States
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Makes my day every day

I’ve had the Heather for about 9 months now and it is simply extraordinary. I’ve even been giving away my other cookware because I literally use nothing else! Using that pan every day makes my heart smile - I actually get emotional about it because it’s just so good and reliable and feeds me and my family multiple times a day and is THERE for us like no other skillet has been before. Just pre-ordered the Joan for my birthday. Butterpat is an amazing company and I’m so grateful to them for their commitments to quality and to making an outstanding product right here in the US.

Alexander H.
United States United States
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Very impressed with the pan. The non-stick aspect is excellent for cast iron. Frying eggs is truly non-stick. The price is steep, but since I use this now about every day, if it lasts forever then its worth it to me.

United States United States
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Vintage Iron Reborn

I want to start this review by stating I own over 35 pieces of cast iron and 8 enameled pieces. I cook nearly every day. Iron, Copper, and Stainless Steel are the only materials I consider excellent cooking vessels. Out of the modern ironware makers I have tried (Field, Smithey, ButterPat, Lodge) this maker is the closest you will come to vintage Iron (Pre 1940 Iron). This pan closely resembles qualities you would find in old Wagner pieces, Griswold and Red Mountain BSR pans. The bottom of the pan is thick like vintage Wagners, yet thinner at the top (reminds me of large block Griswold pans). The generous size and feel of the surface reminds me of BSR. The ears are spectacular too! No one is making them anymore! They look and work amazingly well! The seasoning has built faster than other brands too (heavily reminds me of BSR). While other brands are cheaper, none have reminded me of a true vintage piece. My only con would be that the handle is slightly uncomfortable when gripped bare hand. Although Smithey has a smoother surface, this has taken seasoning faster. I love all the pieces I have and can recommend all the brands I stated, this one is extra special and will be used often.