“A” Type: Aunt Alma

2.75” in diameter of pure cast iron performance

Limited Quantities

Mini Knife Burger 

John Tesar, twice contestant on Top Chef and owner of Knife steakhouses in Dallas and Plano TX and now opening Outer Reef in Laguna CA, says in praise of the new Aunt Alma:
“Now all I need is a very powerful lighter
and a real small cow!”

Almost Actual Size

Jess Pryles, hunter, author of Hard-Core Carnivore and respected authority on Texas and competition-style barbecue raved that the Aunt Alma is:  
“Perfectly sized to sear a
single personal steak snack”
Actually, she also said:
“A most robust ring holder;
essential for dishwashing duty”

Don't Try This at Home

Brian Mercury, pastry chef at acclaimed Boston restaurant, Harvest and recently named “The People’s Best New Pastry Chef (East) by Food and Wine magazine said:
Tiny pan for tiny houses:
“Now the kitchen in my daughter’s
doll house is complete!”

Sean Brock, the James Beard award winning Southern chef who will be opening a new restaurant in Nashville later this year, was more practical:
“Lousy skillet” and
“makes a damn heavy keychain.”

Limited Quantities

The Butter Pat Aunt Alma