Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum T-Shirt

Long Sleeve/Grey Cotton
Tilghman Oyster Can on back
Small OysterFest logo on front
The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is a gem of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, dedicated to the history of life on the bay, located on our peninsula in St. Michaels.
Best of all, CBMM is not just a museum; it's also a working boatyard with an accredited, world-renowned shipwright program.  Right now, from scratch, a crew of scrappy young boatbuilders are recreating the 17th century Maryland Dove - the first tall ship to arrive from England to what would become the Old Line State.
At their annual OysterFest, we usually cook up a batch of oysters on the cauldron, with 1,000 Orchard Points ready for roasting this year.  But like everything on the water, Mother Nature had the last word, and a flooding king tide canceled the event.
We even designed a T-shirt for them, based on an old oyster can from Tilghman Island, just down the creek from our home.
No OysterFest, but you can buy the T-shirt.
Help us help them.  All proceeds go to the museum.
$25.00 $32.00