Cypress Drop Lid

Inspired by the Japanese otoshi buta and the French parchment cartouche, our cypress drop lids are a multipurpose cooking accessory that can be used for sautés, braises, and stews, while also serving as a press, strainer, or trivet. They help hold your ingredients together, aid even simmering, retain moisture, reduce evaporation, and keep your pot from boiling over.

Made from unfinished American Cypress, a wood that contains oils that are naturally resistant to water damage. They are assembled without glue.

Clean these like you would your wooden cutting board or utensils - with soap and water and drying thoroughly before storage.

Available in multiple sizes to fit inside the Heather, Joan, and Lili skillets, as well as in our Homer and Joe pots.

H Drop Lid: fits inside the Heather and Homer, and will work as a cover lid for the Estee

J Drop Lid: fits inside the Joan and Joe, and will work as a cover lid for the Heather and Homer 

L Drop Lid: fits inside the Lili, and will work as a cover lid for the Joan and Joe



H Lid
Height: 1.75"
Diameter: 8.75"
Weight: 0.9 lbs.

J Lid
Height: 1.75"
Diameter: 10.75"
Weight: 0.9 lbs.

L Lid
Height: 1.75"
Diameter: 12.5"
Weight: 1.95 lbs

Made in Easton, Maryland in our own design.