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8" Polished Cast Iron Skillet 

Items that are "IN STOCK" generally ship within five to seven days of your order.
A "PRE-ORDER" puts you in a first-order-in/first-order-out queue. There are only so many pans we can make, and often not enough to meet demand. Generally, pre-orders ship within six weeks, but depending on the number of orders ahead of yours, and current scrap rates, this cannot be guaranteed. 

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The 6” cooking surface makes this pan a good choice for eggs, cobblers, and single servings at the table.

Width: 9"
Length: 13.75"
Height: 1.875"
Diameter: 8"
Cooking Surface: 6"
Weight: 3.0 lbs


SLOW STEPS We typically deliver our pans in two weeks; often sooner and sometimes later. If you need your cast iron more quickly we might not be the best fit.  41 people perform sixty or more operations; slow and necessary steps for our uniquely smooth finish. In today's retail environment where an online order can show up at your doorstep in 24 hours, we understand we are out of step, but we also make something that will last several generations. We hope you agree it is worth waiting for.

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Butter Pat Industries 100-Year Warranty

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Sam L.
United States United States
Great cast iron pan

This is a favorite. Very nice.

Wonderfully Useful Size!!!

The Butter Pat set would be incomplete with out the Estee skillet! My family does Mexican night every week and Estee’s job is to stir fry the jalapeño strips and she does an excellent job! Great for cooking a side or a conservative single meal portion for one. Perfect for the hiker/camper who wants to cook on cast iron without the weight of a traditionally sized pan! Estee is exceptionally light. Quality is synonymous with Butter Pat so whatever size you choose, make it a Butter Pat and you won’t go back. We invested in the entire line and it’s worth every penny without a doubt! Thank you for a superb cast iron line Butter Pat!!!

What a joy!

What a joy cooking with this skillet, perfect for eggs in the morning. My wife and I share an omelet of 3 eggs, mushrooms, onions, garlic, and spices. A little peanut on oil on the pan and then cook till done. You can fold it or scramble it and it doesn't stick! So easy to clean, hot water, scrap out easily, dry, put on stove for a few minutes to insure dryness and put a few drops of oil on, rub it and you are ready for the next day.

Stella W.
Estee is an amazing little skillet.!

She arrived sooner than expected, and very well packed and protected. The times being what they are, I didn't have buttermilk to make cornbread the way I like to make it So I put another coat of seasoning on her and took my chances with a simple Dutch Baby. No sticking. The next morning, I tried scrambled eggs. Again, no sticking. At all. And this pan isn't anywhere NEAR black yet. I've done several other things since, and everything cooked and released perfectly. Don't throw rocks at me, but this not-fully-seasoned-yet, bronze colored little skillet is quite possibly even MORE nonstick than my Griswolds. Estee is generously sized for a small skillet. I could easily scramble a half dozen eggs in there, with a little room to spare. And I like the look of her! (That helper handle has kind of a 30's/Art Deco look, even though helper handles didn't even exist in the 30's as far as I know. It's just a really nice looking pan. Like something you'd see Barbara Stanwyck cooking on in a Pre-Code movie.) When form follows function this well, you get something elegant. And absolutely AT LEAST on par with my Griswolds - something that a lot of people said can't be done these days. (Gratitude to Dennis Powell for refusing to take no for an answer!) It feels good just knowing that Griswold and Wagner-quality skillets are once again being manufactured. I totally support that. When this pandemic has run its course, I hope to get the full set, and some extras to give as gifts.

Love the skillet

My son gave me the Estee skillet for Christmas. My first Butter Pat Skillet. It is very smooth, flat, and has no wobble. The skillet takes a little longer to heat with the thicker bottom. The bottom heats evenly. It sears well, cooks great, and cleans up nice. I seasoned it a few times and it still has the bronze like color (that will change with more use). This is as smooth inside as my Griswolds. It is smoother outside than any other skillet I have. I just ordered the 12 inch Joan skillet for family meals. I have the Griswold, Wagner, Smithey, Stargazer, Greater Goods, Blacklock, Le Creuset, and others. The Butter Pat is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Cast iron is fun to cook on and cleans up nice.